Monday, November 15, 2010

Sportline Review


I received this real nice Solo 915 Any Touch Calorie Heart Rate Watch from Sportline. This watch is awesome it is very light, but at the same time very durable. The wrist band is made of a heavy plastic so it will last a long time with normal care and use. This watch has several different timers, such as; A stop watch, A count down timer, A calorie monitor and a Great ECG accurate Pulse check built in, all you need to do is make the profile setting in the watch to your info for sample 44 m for my profile for the watch. After that it is very easy to retrieve your pulse rate. You make sure it's turned on ready to use if there is a little heart in the upper right hand corner, then all you have to do is touch the metal frame and hold there until your reading is done. The count down timer is a great feature for those who workout the the repetition type exercises like weight lifting and others that have repetitions to them. Just set your desired time and let it beep when your done no more guessing when you start and need to finish. The stopwatch is great for the runners quarter mile and mile runners that want to know the time it takes to do their run. I myself do not use them that often, I use the pulse check regularly tho. This watch of course has the time of the day, month and day on it also. You have a choice of standard time reading or Military/Medical,Fire and Police style of time reading, I use the Military/Medical,Fire and Police style it easier then saying or thinking if it is AM or PM. It's 24hour time. Like say you ask for a time to be at work and your place of work is open 24hrs and your boss says be in at 3 and not thinking you say ok and hang up and then later you think hum, does he mean 3 AM or PM. If he would have just said 1500 or 0300 and you knew 24hr time you wouldn't have had to second guess, This is why I like this type of time telling method.
I would recommend to anyone to have this watch from Sportline. Get yours today.

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