Thursday, July 15, 2010

Prilosec OTC Free Sample From Wal*Mart

I Got this in the mail and thought I would share with you. This Free sample of Prilosec OTC From Wal-Mart. Below is a little bit about Prilosec OTC in their words.

Do you experience any of the following?
* A rising, uncomfortable sensation just behind the breastbone
* A discomfort in the chest just behind the breastbone accompanied by a burning or painful feeling

If you experience any of these two or more days a week,you may have frequent heartburn. Over 50 Americans suffer from frequent heartburn.

Prilosec OTC is specifically formulated to treat the symptoms of frequent heartburn.
Prilosec OTC is strong enough to fight heartburn before it begins since it is a PPI (proton pump inhibitor) clinically proven to block heartburn for 24 hours. That means with 1 pill day for 14 days, you get the relief you need from frequent heartburn.

We tested the strength of Prilosec OTC against frequent heartburn.
Take a look at the results:

* 78% of consumers were heartburn free on the first night.
* 81% of consumers had complete relief/only mild symptoms on day one.
* 94% of consumers were satisfied with how well Prilosec OTC worked.

So to try yours today and for more information and to receive your free sample of Prilosec OTC, Vist Wal- Mart . com



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