Friday, July 16, 2010

Omnibalm Review


I received two products from Omnibalm to review. They were the Omnibalm Skin Relief Cream ( Use for first-aid care of your skin) and the Omnibalm Daily Foot Therapy ( Use daily for dry,cracked heels and feet). I have tried these products and found them to work really good. I especially like the Omnibalm Skin Relief Cream with the natural antiseptic and anti - inflammatory properties, it has helped me save money from not having to see a doctor or get any prescription drugs for fire ant bites on my hands, because my hands are sensitive I normally have to have benadryl for the itching and an antibiotic for the swelling, but I tried this Omnibalm Skin Relief Cream on the fire ant bites and with in a week it was clear. I would recommend anyone to try these two products out today.

In their words, Omnibalm Daily Foot Therapy is a non-greasy cream for general and diabetic foot care that softens and helps repair dry, cracked skin and keeps feet healthy and shoes smelling fresh.

Omnibalm penetrates deeply into rough, thick skin providing fast, long-lasting moisturization and comfort. Its proprietary formula combines effective moisturizers with 13% of the highest quality tea tree oil available. Tea tree oil, a naturally powerful essential oil with antiseptic, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties, helps keep feet healthy and fresh.

Omnibalm Skin Relief Cream is your one-stop solution for soothing uncomfortable skin on contact. Omnibalm's proprietary formula combines clinically proven skin protection with 13% of the highest quality tea tree oil available. Tea tree oil, a naturally powerful essential oil with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, helps cool and soothe burning and itching on contact.

Omnibalm Skin Relief Cream provides soothing, moisturizing therapy for dry, itchy, cracking, roughness, sun exposed skin, minor burns, bug bites, poison ivy, shingles, cold sores, pressure/bed sores, radiation burns, diabetic skin care and similar skin conditions.

Product Facts:

13% teatree oil - Vanishing tea tree scent - Made in USA

Hypoallergenic - No parabens

Dermatologist tested - No lauryl sulfates

No fragrance added - Not tested on animals

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I received nothing but these products for review no other form of payment was made for this review and it does not effect in anyway my opinion. This opinion is 100% solely mine and may not be agreed on by others.


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