Friday, January 7, 2011

Skin MD Review


I received this Skin MD shielding lotion product from Skin MD. I have tried other hydrating lotions for my dry skin, that I mainly have in the winter months of the year and none of them worked as great as this skin MD product does for me. This product is mostly all natural and non-greasy and dries into the skin quickly and works for a few days before needing another dose to be applied. This lotion also has a very light scent to it which makes it more bearable to have on then those lotions that to me stink and are very unbearable to have on and have to smell all day long. Also with it being used on your face makes this product more bearable to use being that it don't stink like menthol or whatever the other smell of the other lotion have to them. Skin MD also has a sunscreen lotion that is of the same comfortable use. This product is not real thick, but not to watery which is one reason why it dries into your skin faster. This product is a shielding lotion which shields the skin so it locks in your own moister in which is very new and different then other lotion product that are out there also. It's great for women and men because of the low scent, so now men can enjoy soft skin without all the feminine smell lotions that are out there. Skin MD shielding lotion leaves my skin soft all over for as dry as and scaly as my skin gets in the cold months. I would recommend to anyone that uses lotions to try this from Skin MD.

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For the 4oz. of the Skin MD Natural moisturizing lotion is $18.00

For the 4oz. of the Skin MD Natural + SPF15 sun shield lotion is $25.00

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I received this Skin MD lotion and no other form of payment from Skin MD. This is 100% my opinion and may not be agreed upon by others.


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Carriedust said...

I would like to enter this giveaway. This lotion sounds perfect. I have a preference for low scent lotions & this sounds like what I've been looking for!
Carrie Phelps

Jackie said...

My husband and I have tried Skin MD and really like it. It works great on our "winter skin".