Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tom's Of Maine Review


I received Wicked Fresh! Toothpaste and Mouthwash from Tom’s of Maine to review. I had never heard of this company before. But loved how they made their stuff with natural resources and not all the chemicals and stuff that a lot of the other companies use. I firmly believe that cleaners whether toothpaste or mouthwash doesn't have to burn or hurt just to keep a healthy mouth. What I received was, two spear mint ice toothpastes, one peppermint wave mouthwash and one mountain mint mouthwash. So I tried this, I took my old mouthwash and toothpaste and sat it aside and started using these as the replacement. After about a week I noticed my teeth to be just as clean as before, with natural ingredients which is a lot more safe on my mouth and my family. My wife tried this and said that the toothpaste didn't burn it just cleaned her teeth nicely, no film left at all. Plus she said the mouthwash left her mouth feeling fresh and no burning in her mouth like from other mouthwashes with a ton of alcohol in them. The freshness lasts all day so no need to rinse several times of day like before. My mother in law even used the toothpaste and mouthwash also being that it's all natural and safe for diabetics. We all seem to agree on some of the great factors of these products. The top thing has always been needing to take better oral care, but so many products on the market hurt, burn and don't last a long time or leave films and plaque behind, but not with these products from Tom's of Maine they do it all and then some and still leave you feeling better about your oral care.

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I received nothing but the mouthwash & toothpaste shown above for review no other form of payment was made for this review and it does not effect in anyway my opinion. This opinion is 100% solely mine and may not be agreed on by others.


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