Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lotus Review


I received this great acupressure lotus healing mat from Lotus Healing. I've tried it myself for my aching back and shoulder muscles and it works great for me. The mat works on the back muscles as the pillow works on your shoulder muscles. With 6000 points of acupressure it to me feels like a heating pad sensation. With this I can feel my muscles and body relaxing. I have a lower lumbar slipped disc and bursitis in my right shoulder and these points of acupressure really help a lot for my pains. I also get along with the pain relief the stress relief and able to sleep better and along with having better sleep I feel like I have more energy though out the day. You may ask well don't all those points hurt? Well I myself have had acupuncture on my muscles before so to me NO it don't, but to a new comer it may at first with tingling, but after a few minutes it should feel like a heating sensation something like a heating pad but better because it gets to many more points of your body than a heating pad would and much safer with out the actual heat that in time can burn you badly if left on to long. It's better to be bare skinned as you lay on this mat, but if the sensation of the acupressure is to strong you can use a thin materiel to lay on top of the mat. I would recommend to anyone with back/neck and shoulder pains to try this lotus healing mat by lotus healing. I wanted to try this for me and my mother - In Law, she was chicken to even try it. I told her it may feel a bit awkward for her at first, but it would help her in a long run, but she never tried it. Don't be a chicken like her and loose out on a great relief the safe way. Get yours today and begin feeling better everyday.

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