Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wonda Wedge Review


I received a Wonda Wedge for review. I tried it out for awhile on my back and it works great. It gave great back support, so I gave it to my Mother In Law for her Birthday. She suffers from lower back pain in her lumbar area. Well soon after tring it she loved it. She uses it mainly in the lumbar position but it has three positions. The positions it has are straight up rite, recline and of course the lumbar. My Mother In Law has tried them all and says they all are great but of course she likes the lumber the best because it helps her back tremendously. The Wonda Wedge was designed by a Physiotherapist for back support. It has many uses and comes in six different colors, see the colors below. The uses are Indoor, Medical and Outdoors. Indoor uses include; reading, College dorm rooms, gaming and TV.
Outdoor uses include; the beach, camping, RV's, poolside, fishing, picnics, comfort at the fireworks displays, comfort at the sporting events, comfort at those music festival and out door movies( if you have any in your area still) & Theatre. Medical uses are; recuperation, meditation, breast feeding, pregnancy, and last as a good sleeping aid.It like all things has it's advantages and dis advantages. Some of the advantages that I see are; The multi support angles it has, great comfortable support it gives anywhere, lightweight, easy to care for, and being inflatable you can set your own level of comfort. The dis advantages that i see are that they say you can inflate it by mouth, Well Wrong not unless you have great lungs I couldn't do it. I needed to use my car air pump with a mattress inflation adapter, Does not come with a inflater or mattress inflation adapter, Must purchase or have a bicycle pump hand or foot type to inflate this product if you can not by mouth as they say you can and most of all it might be difficult for the elderly to inflate. In all I think that it's a great product and you should get yours today from Wonda Wedge.

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I received nothing but a Wonda Wedge mat for review no other form of payment was made for this review and it does not effect in anyway my opinion. This opinion is 100% solely mine and may not be agreed on by others.


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