Friday, September 10, 2010

Taylor Scrubs Review


I received a scrub jacket from Taylor Nursing Scrubs for review and I love this scrub jacket it's light of course because it's made of the same material as all other scrubs, but in the cool air conditioned places this scrub jacket keeps you warm. This is my first scrub jacket I've had and now I will definitely get more, now that I see how warm they can keep you. I never believed that these scrub jackets could keep you as warm as they do.
Taylor Nursing Scrubs has a big line of great products such as Nursing Scrubs, Scrub Jackets and Men's Scrub Jackets, Plus Nursing shoes. Now that I own one I would recommend to anyone in the medical field or even not in the medical field to have a few of these to stay warm around the house in the cool air if your just a little colder then you like to be or at work if it gets to be a bit colder then you like it to be. These are very easy to keep clean and wash as well with the rest of your clothes I love that as well. I love that it has bands around the arm to keep it in place on your arm so its not sliding up and down or riding up on your arm when you need it to stay in place. These jackets are just a must have for everyone in your life regardless of age. Taylor Nursing Scrubs has alot of nice things at great prices as well.

Scrub Tops such as V-Neck Scrub Top Unisex, Printed Scrub Tops Unisex, Solid Color Scrub Tops Unisex, V-Neck Mock Wrap Female.

Scrub Pants such as Reversible Scrub Pants Unisex, Elastic Waist Scrub Pants Female, Flare Leg Scrub Pants Female, Cargo Pocket Scrub Pants Unisex.

Warm-Up Scrub Jackets such as Warm-Up Jacket Female, Warm-Up Jacket Male.

"Gripper" Scrub Tops

Holiday Scrubs such as Valentine's Day Scrub Tops, Easter Scrub Tops, 4th of July Scrubs, Halloween Scrub Tops, Thanksgiving Scrubs, Christmas Scrub Tops.

Lots and lots of great scrubs so come on over to Taylor Nursing Scrubs today and order up yours now.

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I received nothing but a scrub jacket for review from Taylor Nursing Scrubs no other form of payment was made for this review and it does not effect in anyway my opinion. This opinion is 100% solely mine and may not be agreed on by others.


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Hazel said...

Thanks for the great review. As an LPN I am always on the lookout for great priced scrubs! Will have to check these out!