Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Santa's Blowout -- Register NOW!!--Closed

Don't miss out. I and my wife at evoluchuns misc. have been working on this new event for Christmas. It will work along the lines of the Blogmania and Blog Fest for the Christmas season time of the year. We hope to have up to 200 blogs register in with us to celebrate this wonderful time of the year. We are tring to bring a good Christmas to all we can this year and more to come. So we hope to see you all join us. Registration can be found at joen5622@yahoo.com or at my wife's site above. or at the main advertisement here.

Reminder button is always over there to the top right hand corner to remind you also. >>>>>>>>>>>>>

So come register now, before it's too late or you forget too later. We hope to see you all there.


Joe N.
Blog Owner

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