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LCWA Along With First Alert Review


I received these(5)Five Products from LCWA Along With First Alert for this review. The products that I received were the carbon monoxide alarm, water alarm, drinking water test kit, radon gas test kit and finally the mold detection kit.

I have the carbon monoxide alarm set up and gladly it has not gone off yet, but it has a test button on it and it is a pretty loud beeping sound that alerts you of any danger of carbon monoxide being present. Since CO is the number one cause of accidental poisoning in the U.S all families should have a carbon monoxide alarm in their homes for safety. Read more about this at First Alert Stores and get yours today don't wait until it's too late.

Second I have the water alarm armed and ready under my kitchen sink and again thankfully it has not alerted me yet of any water leaks, but again the alarm can be tested and is loud also. Help protect your home from water damage get one today for your kitchen under the sink, under your refrigerator, around your water heater, around your washer, under bathroom sink, around your dish washer or near your toilet any where water may leak from and cause damage. Get them now at First Alert Stores and catch the water before it cost you thousands of dollars in repairs and water bill payments.

Third is the drinking water kit. This kit is great I have tested my water and it works great although I have city water, but this would be an ideal drinking water test kit for those who have well water to test their water for Bacteria (strains of E - coli which can cause a serious illness and or maybe death). Pb or known as lead ( causes developmental harm, neurological and kidney damage), Pe or pesticides ( from agricultural uses linked to increased cancer rates), N or nitrates/nitrites (From fertilizers and animal waste). Causes developmental problems, CL or known as Chlorine ( can increase cancer risk) other than that causes bad smell and taste, then there's Hd known as hardness and last pH( can cause pluming damage). So as you can see it's important to check your drinking water often to stay healthy, get your drinking water test kit today at First Alert Stores and stay healthy.

Next is the Radon gas test kit. Although I didn't get the chance to try this for myself do to the lab cost, I sent the kit to a friend who was concerned about having radon gas around his home and family. He used it right away and said it was very easy to use. You may ask now, Well what should I know about this radon gas? Well briefly, Radon gas is a radioactive gas that occurs naturally beneath the earths surface. It forms underground when uranium decays and then filters up into the air we breathe. it's tasteless, odorless and invisible to us and although it is in the everyday air we breathe, it's only harmful if trapped in a confined area such as in your home. Radon gas may cause as many as 20,000 Lung Cancer Deaths each year. Every home is urged to test for radon gas every year from the Environmental Protection Agency. Read more at the First Alert and test you home today don't wait it maybe to late.

Finally the mold detection kit. This I also sent to a different friend that was concerned about maybe having mold around the house near his family. He tried it and says it was quite easy to use. You may ask now well, What is mold? and why should I be concerned about mold? Well Molds are microscopic fungi that are just about everywhere. To thrive, mold only needs moisture and a food source. It can enter your home many different ways and once it is in your home it will continue to colonize and spread until the spores are eradicated. High humidity can provide necessary mold growth. According to centers for disease control (CDC) six varieties of mold are common and three can produce harmful toxins to humans. They act as irritants that produce symptoms such as sneezing, watery eyes, nasal stuffiness and other similar allergic reactions. If sensitive to mold you may experience fever, shortness of breath and wheezing. If you suffer already from obstructive lung diseases you may get a mold infection in your lungs also if mold is around your home. So again don't wait it may be too late, get your mold detection kit today from First Alert Stores and stay healthier longer. I would recommend all homes to have all these great products.

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I received nothing but these products for review no other form of payment was made for this review and it does not effect in anyway my opinion. This opinion is 100% solely mine and may not be agreed on by others.


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