Thursday, May 13, 2010

My A to Z Medical Guide Forum

To all my Followers, please join me at my forum, Joining me will also be worth a limited time only, 3 giveaway entries after I get started until further notice from me. The forum has lots of different things on it to read ect. . Hope to see you all there. Join now and get a jump start for your entries.

Update on this I'm going to keep up the 3 entries as mentioned above until further notice, but all members of the forum must read over the What this board is and isn't about section
and this (5) All members must log in at least once a week to stay active) must be done to be able to use the three (3)entries on my giveaways and to stay active on my forum.


Joe N.
Blog Owner


Aubrie Williams @ The Buzz 4 Moms said...

I've joined your forum. I'm bensbabe.

Joe (Retired EMT/Paramedic) said...

Ok thanks just mention that once i get going on my giveaways, in your entries.


Joe blog Owner